Friendship Baptist Church, 8580 Cheviot Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45251 PH (513) 741-7017  Directions


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Sunday School Class Locations


            Rooms          Location         Teachers                                  

 Youth Classes

Open Arms


 FH Main floor

 Terri Vaught



 FH Main floor

  Peggy Dowdy

Kindergarten  107  FH Main floor   Connie Miller
1st Grade  105  FH Main floor   Mike & Denise Noonan
2nd Grade  103

 FH Main floor

  Joyce Foucht / Scott Burgess
3rd & 4th Grade  106

 FH Main floor

  Frank & Chris Whitson
5th Grade   B02

 FH Basement

  Jeff & Kelly Moore
Navigators (6-8)  

 FH Basement

  Dave & Christie Bogan

  Michael & Megan Manger

Trailblazers (9-12)  

 FH Basement

  Brent & Allison Long

  Lonnie & Allie Banks

 * Children in Kindergarten - 5th meet in the Fellowship Hall before going to class

 Adult Classes

 Antioch  3000  Adult wing - Lower Level  Larry Kilgore / Jim Foust
 College & Career  207  Main Building - 2nd Floor

 Scott Foust / John Jarvis

 Engaging Lives  200  Main Building - 2nd Floor  Joey Madden / Lonnie Banks
 Faithbuilders  3100  Adult Wing - Main Floor  Dave Cain / Milt Lawson
 Familybuilders  3200  Adult Wing - 2nd Floor  Gregg Wilkens / Norm Manger
 Fellowship  3102  Adult Wing - Main Floor  Werner Manger
 Friendship    Auditorium  Rick Schrenker / Bill Hayes
 Homebuilders  3002  Adult Wing - Lower Level  Keith Wells / Matthew Wallace
 Lifebuilders  208  Main Building - 2nd floor  Wayne Harmon / Earl Wafford
 Overcomers  209  Main Building - 2nd Floor  Eric Anderson / Gordon Miller
 Women of the Word  3101  Adult Wing - Main Floor  Floretta Wilson / Sharon Jackson